Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a "MOPAR"

A: MOPAR is generally pop slang for the automobiles and trucks manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation. It originated from their parts division (MOtor PARts) and is a registered trademark of the Chrysler Corporation. Typically, the term refers to their high-performance or "muscle" cars.

Q: What makes or brands are considered "MOPAR"

A: In the strictest sense sense they are Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Imperial, DeSoto, Jeep, Eagle, AMC and recently RAM, SRT and yes, Fiat. While some purists may have different opinions regarding what models can actually be considered MOPAR, we will generally acknowledge whatever you have belonging to those brands (e.g. Rambler)

Q: What are the Wyoming Mighty MOPARS?

A: We are a club or organization of individuals mostly based in Cheyenne, Wyoming that share in a fondness for MOPAR automobiles. This includes old and new (both cars and members) and many of us are involved with restoration of these fine automobiles.

We enjoy meeting with other car clubs and sharing in an overall enthusiasm for automobiles in general. Club activities include monthly meetings and participation in area car meets and local civic activities. We also like to help with local charities such as Toys for Tots.

Q: Who can join the Wyoming Mighty MOPARS?

A: Anyone! Having a MOPAR is highly suggested however.